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Is a English Bulldog Puppy Right For You?
Before you bring a English Bulldog Puppy into your home and family, there are several things you should consider:

Are you ready and willing to make the commitment of time, attention and caring that a bulldog puppy needs? Bulldogs are eternal puppies they’re playful and they’re clowns.  

Stubborn, you say? Oh yes, English Bulldogs can be very stubborn. Bulldogs are not vicious or even necessarily aggressive, although they can be very protective of their humans. They are intelligent, good-natured, courageous, fiercely loyal, and can be trained, as long as they think it’s their idea. 

Other pets in the home? they may drive your older dogs or cats crazy with their curiosity! Bulldogs are loving and gentle, usually very accepting of other pets in the family, more so if brought into your family as a pup.  

Do you have sensitive hearing? Bulldogs are a symphony of sound effects: snoring, snorting, grunting, and other gastric emanations. Oh, speaking of gastric emanations: Do you have a highly developed sense of smell?

Are you looking for a dog to fetch a ball or join you in your morning jog? Then more than likely a bullie isn’t the dog for you. However, if you’re looking for a dog to love you unconditionally, curl up beside you waiting for you to pat them on the head, only to have them flop on their back for a tummy-rub, then a bullie is probably right up your alley.